The Quiet Man Museum

The Quiet Man Museum

The Quiet Man Museum is a must for any Quiet Man enthusiasts. It is an exact replica of the White O’Morn cottage in the movie. Painstaking effort has ensured that all the furnishings, artifacts and costumes are authentic reproductions. The four poster bed, the tables and chairs which Mary Kate cherished, the thatched roof, emerald green half door and white washed front combine to charm all those who visit it.



The Quiet Man Museum is an exact replica of the exterior of White O’Morn, the ancestral cottage bought by Sean Thornton on his return to Ireland, as the original White O’Morn cottage is unfortunately now in ruin. The Musuem is also an exact replica of the White O’Morn interior, which was a Hollywood set. The Quiet Man Museum represents the first time the exterior and the interior of White O’Morn have been created in one place.

The Quiet Man Museum offers an on-set experience with exact replicas of all the key furnishings and artifacts from the movie including Sean Thornton’s big bed, Mary Kate’s cottage piano, china, pewter, cradle and the tandem bicycle, as well as costumes made by the same company – O’Maille’s of Galway – who made them for John Ford in 1951. Quiet Man enthusiasts (or Quiet Man Crazies as they are endearingly called locally!) can dress up in costume for photos.

The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara, is considered director, John Ford’s, greatest triumph. Although the script was initially dismissed by Hollywood studios as a silly Irish tale that would make no money, eventually Ford persuaded a ‘B’ rate studio, Republic Pictures, to fund The Quiet Man. Republic Pictures agreed on one condition: that the same cast and crew would make another movie – Rio Grande – in advance of making The Quiet Man to fund the anticipated losses that The Quiet Man would generate.

In 1951 Ford’s dream of filming The Quiet Man – a movie about the Ireland he had heard so much about from his grandparents – came through, as his cast and crew touched down in Shannon Airport and made their way to Cong, in Co Mayo. Local newspaper headlines at the time reported that Hollywood had invaded the village of Cong. Little did the actors, film makers, studio bosses and locals realise that they were in the midst of shooting one of the best loved films of all time. A film that won two Oscars – one for Best Director and the other for Best Cinematography and a film that today still has a cult following, with visitors coming from all over the world to walk in the footsteps of John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Barry FitzGerald and Victor McLaughlin.


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